Schedule of Events

Colorado State University Equine Symposium 2020

Schedule for Veterinarians, Veterinary Students & Technicians

Saturday, February 8th

Registration & Tradeshow: 7:00-7:50am

Breakfast: 7:00-7:50am

Opening Remarks: 7:50-8:00am

Lecture Block 1 – CVCM: 8:00-8:55am

Lecture Block 2 – Nuerosurgery: 9:00-9:55am

Coffee Break & Tradeshow: 9:55-10:10am

Lecture Block 3 – Neural Repair: 10:10-11:05am

Lecture Block 4 – Rehabilitation: 11:10am-12:05pm

Lunch & Tradeshow: 12:05-1:00pm

Wetlabs 1& 2: 1:00-2:55pm

Coffee Break & Tradeshow: 2:55-3:10pm

Wet labs 3 & 4: 3:10-5:05pm

Wetlabs: Muscle biopsies, AO spinal taps, nuero exam, and rehab exercises


Saturday Night Event: CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewery – Poolside in Old Town, Fort Collins 6-9 PM. Please see directions page for address and parking instructions.



Sunday, February 9th

Tradeshow & Breakfast: 7:00-7:50am

Thank yous: 7:50-8:00am

Lecture Block 1 – Acupunture: 8:00-8:55am

Lecture Block 2 – EPM: 9:00-9:55am

Coffee Break & Trade Show: 9:55-10:10am

Lecture Block 3 – Encephalitis: 10:10-11:05am

Lecture Block 4 – EHM Outbreak: 11:10am–12:05pm

Lunch & Trade Show: 12:05-1:00pm








2 thoughts on “Schedule of Events

    1. Hello and thanks for asking! Registration will be open through the first day of the event, however it will be $250 for the lectures and $125 for the wet labs day of. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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